Tuition classes?

It's 5.44pm right now. If this is year 2009, I would be sitting in Mr. Sugu class till 6.30pm. And then maybe my mother would pick me up, which would be nice because I would get to go to Chi Liung's 'Pasar Malam'. Otherwise, I would wait till sometime around 7pm for my father to come. Now I miss waiting outside 7-eleven~

I miss school, and definitely miss tuition classes. On Monday, I used to have no tuition till I joined Physics intensive classes which have helped me a little one of my weakest subject and the subject I had no interest in. Tuesday, my favorite day, and one of the most tiring day I suppose. I'll have 4 hours of Chemistry. That's because I take Form 4 and Form 5 chemistry tuition together. I never had any tuition for Chemistry when I was in Form 4. After taking Chemistry tuition, Chemistry became one of my favorite subject. Chemistry~ Wednesday will be Accounts with Mr. Sugu. That's definitely the most 'disciplined' tuition time. He have got all sorts of rules in class. I don't know maybe I'm just afraid of them, or him. Nah~ Just kidding. Thursday night will be all the way to Bukit Tinggi for Add Math in ET. They've got great air conditioning, and I think it's colder than being up there in Genting. =) And lastly, Friday, BM class! Long hours for a language subject but it's fun with a dedicated teacher teaching. BM classes were usually full.

Tuition summary~ I had nothing to do.

My condolences to you~

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