Happy 2009!

2 more hours.
Till we bid our goodbyes to 2008
welcome 2009!

What will 2009 be like?
But whatever it will be,
we all hope for the best!

here I am to wish all of you.
Happy New Year!

World peace!
Happy Always!
Good results!
Good luck!
Best health!
Isn't that what everyone wish for?


Moody when I'm tired.

I get moody when I'm tired.
So. That was what I realized today.
I was freaking tired and everything anyone said to me was nuisance.
So don't blame me. I didn't want it to happen anyway.
But, I did not show my anger or anything.
Just get frustrated easily.
So be understanding. =)
I just got home from grading an hour ago and still not planning to get any rest any time now. So still in a moody mood..lol just kidding. I'm feeling better when I'm alone.



2 little boys

Could this two little boys make your day a little cheerful?
It did. They're cute and so are their action.
This is a video, a famous video that got over 50 million hits in Youtube.
They've been on television news too.
The elder boy is Harry, and the younger one is Charlie.
This video was taken a year ago if I'm not mistaken so now the boys are a little bigger.
Anyway, take your time.

Charlie Bit My Finger

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full overcoming it.
Helen Keller



Cherish all your happy moments, they make a fine cushion for old age.
Christopher Morley

Happiness is something everyone seek in life. Who likes to show a dull face all day long, all life?
No one. Everyone seek happiness, and different people have different type of ways to fulfill their happiness. Some might be simple, some are complicated. But I personally think, since only we can fulfill our own happiness, why make is so complicated? Why can't we just be happy with a small little thing and be grateful for it.
We can be happy by just thinking we're happy and remove all the sadness or sorrow from our mind. That's what we can do.
Being happy, staying happy is vital. It's good for our health too.
Like Christopher Morley stated in his quote, happy moments have to be cherish. It'll be something you will remember when you grow old.

Just a short opinion from me.

What we do for ourselves dies within us. What we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal. - Albert Pine


Greetings =)

This is not my first time blogging. I've created several blogs here at Blogspot but none last over 4 months till I deleted them. So, this time I've decided that I want to be a little more mature and post some nice and useful stuff. Not those childish and nonsense. But basically all this stuff are just my favorite and I would like to introduce them to everyone so that everyone can know them too. Sharing my interest with people is what I love to do. I can get the joy when people get the joy too.
(See, till now, no short forms like : bt, 2day...)
I managed to get 'serious'. Anyway, I'm just a normal kid living in this world.

I'm signing off for today. Might come back tomorrow. If you're reading, just leave me a message or a comment just so I know I'm doing well in this blogging thing.

Got to go now! See you next time.

Oh yeah.
Save our planet!
This is our home. =)