My day..today.

Went to Jusco today with my family. Suppose to watch Avatar. Have been wanting to watch that movie ever since I watched 'The Making of Avatar' twice~ Well, TV showed twice. =)
Sadly, no more tickets. T.T
Forget it, movies, anytime also can watch. Internet can watch for free too. Just that no nice sound effect, and good quality. You know, cetak rompak. Hehe~

And Taufiq, you sure you catching up? I had my first lesson already~ LOL joking....

I first heard of this song, in my cousin's blog. Kiss The Rain, by Yiruma. It's a very beautiful piece. Well, I don't listen much to piano stuff but this is really nice. Apparently, Yiruma is a well-known pianist from South Korea. I did a little googling~

Guitar version~

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