Do you know the feeling when you've studied so hard and yet when you get the paper you can't freaking answer? Knowing you've read it before, memorized it before and looked through it so many times before? And the worst part is getting the paper back and knowing you failed. What about knowing how to do a question but because of silly mistakes, cost you to lose so many marks?
Argh! Disappointed. Frustrated at first. It feels like getting slap on the face.

Well life moves on. So going to be prepared for the next battle and history must never repeat itself!



웨딩드레스 - 태양

Wedding Dress!
I don't listen much of Korean song but I just can't forget this melody.
It's a great song by Tae Yang.
Therefore, I am determined to learn this song on my keyboard. I know it will take me a long time before I master it. First of all, I don't read piano music sheets. I only know a few notes on those black and white keys. I know C of course. and it goes on. Only the right hand. So I have to memorize everything. But its good ha, I get to play by memorization too. :) Second of all, this is the third song I'm learning after Piano Man and uh half of Fur Elise. XD

Here's the original song.

A great cover by smrr00 (great stuff on his blog http://smrr00.blogspot.com)

If you want to learn too, here's the tutorial by ProjectKira (http://www.youtube.com/user/ProjectKira#p/p)

1st monthly test on Tuesday! OMG

摩斯特Da.Mon.Ster 【Expired Rubbish】官方MV

A very nice and meaningful song.


I'll be the idiot.
Being there for you whenever you need help.
Even though knowing you have someone else on your mind.
Yet knowing you wouldn't be there for me, you still come to mind first whenever I'm in trouble. Hoping you would show up and help me out.
Guess that's never gonna happen.

Emo over~
First monthly test next week and I'm pretty stressed out by how serious my parents are taking it and how serious I'm suppose to be taking it. >.<>
Trying. Trying. Trying.
Someone, motivate me please!

I'm so afraid. Chemistry and Math! HELP ME~