Good luck tomorrow guys!

and good luck to me on writing a research report!

I have not a clue what crap i'm going to insert into this crapping piece of thing.


Heard of Richard Clayderman?
I've heard of him only yesterday.
Go check him out!








It has been two long days. Hours spent there. From 7am till 6pm.

Supporting each other. Giving mental encouragement to those entering the ring.

All participants, fighters, all have the same goal. To win each match and go as far as possible.

But , the most important thing at the end of the day is not about how many medals we attained but how much experience we acquired.

Experience we gained will get us further day by day.

I too am feeling a little disappointed and sad but don't give up!

Lets us all train harder!



Confidence is gained when knowing people around you actually believe in you.

Putting the trust and believing that I could do what I doubt I could, really gave me the confidence.
When people around you, let it be your team mates, family or friends, is standing right beside you, backing you up whenever things goes wrong. You feel better, you would give your all and thrive for the best.

I'm thankful I met you guys. You have no idea how much I love trainings. That's the only time my mind is empty, literally empty. No kidding.

But that would only last for 2 hours the most. And poof I'm back in reality. Homework to rush. Studies to catch up.

We'll strive tomorrow!
Its going to be my first time. But I promise you, I'll give my all.

Small show, you'll have to buy me lunch if we win. Remember that. =)

Have you heard of this country song by Joe Nichols?


Goals that are difficult to achieve and specific tend to increase performance more than goals that are not. A goal can become more specific through quantification or enumeration (should be measurable), such as by demanding "increasing productivity by 50%"; or by defining certain tasks that need completing.

Setting goals affects outcomes in four ways:

  1. Choice: goals narrow attention and direct efforts to goal-relevant activities, and away from perceived undesirable and goal-irrelevant actions.
  2. Effort: goals can lead to more effort; for example, if one typically produces 4 widgets an hour, and has the goal of producing 6, one may work more intensely than one would otherwise in order to reach the goal.
  3. Persistence: An individual becomes more prone to work through setbacks if pursuing a goal.
  4. Cognition: goals can lead an individual to develop cognitive strategies to change their behavior.

I've reset my goal. I've got the target, now I'm doing my best to aim.

Not much time left.

NEVER GIVE UP! -i've heard it from so many people-

-Fully copied off Wikipedia- =)


Slow internet connection is such a pain in the ass. Especially when you're in a hurry to use it or when you've decided that, 'Oh I think I should just spend 10 minutes on the internet today,' Well, that's impossible if it takes 30 minutes to load just your homepage!

I have been staring at my Facebook page for the last 15 minutes..its still...blank!

I give up.

Off the net I go.



That chance given.
That chance taken.
Gave her something she always thought it was hard to gain.
Something she had been working for.

Moral of the story:
Grab every opportunity, don't think about what you can or cannot do. When you get something, just give it your best shot. Things will eventually work out. If it doesn't, you'll learn something out of it, gain a new experience, work better the next time.

PS: The movie Yes Man is worth watching.