Bye Thailand!

Hey people, I'm back!
Back from where?
Back from Hatyai, Thailand.
Went with mum, grandma, family members of aunt's and uncle's friends. Left Malaysia around 9 or 10pm, I don't remember. On the 25th of Feb, that's a Thursday.
Went by a 28 sitter bus. Reached immigration at 5 in the morning, passed at 6am. Journey continued, with a local tour guide. He speaks so many languages! Mainly he used mandarin. By the time we reached Hatyai, it was already 9am if I'm not mistaken. Had breakfast and started visiting places, or should I say, start spending money!
The food there was good, love the tomyam. Anyway, stayed for 2 nights there and left on a Sunday morning, after breakfast at the hotel lobby. It wasn't long till we passed immigration and customs. On the way back, dropped by Sungai Petani for lunch and Ipoh for a little shopping. Reached home about 7pm.
It was a great trip.


If only he knew

暗戀的滋味 妳不懂這種感覺

妳不懂我的 那些憔悴

妳又狠狠逼退 我的防備

直到那一天 妳會發現

為妳落第一滴淚 為妳做任何改變

直到那一天 妳會發現

Grandma's words...

My morning started with a touching Hokkien pop song. Tears.

阿嬤的話, Grandma's words.

The lyrics, said everything.
When I was young, my grandma took care of me. I spend my time at my grandparent's house while my parents were at work. Even though I was still very young but sometimes I do have flashbacks. I remember the day I didn't want to go to kindergarten when the teacher came to pick me up. She went there with me. Grandma passed away when I was really young so some of those memories are gone but till now, I still think of her. Of course, I would never forget that she's a great cook. Sometimes I love looking at photographs, and I'll not forget how she looked like.

There's a english translation in the song too. Enjoy.


Google Map? Never bothered before. Till now.

I never knew Google Map was that fun.
I'm actually on the streets of London, New York, Toronto and so much more in just a few minutes.
Everything is so clear on screen.
There's so much to explore!
Give a try.
Well, you wouldn't get a close satellite view of Malaysia. But you could actually see cars and people walking on streets. Its like you're there!
Okay, I'm excited. That's all.
Off exploring!


Today's the third day of CNY.
Spent 4 nights at my grandparents' house in Banting. (Father's side)
New clothes.
Delicious food.
Yummy biscuits.
(Horrible weather).
Great time.
I bet I'll put on weight. Cause all I did during the 4 days were eat, sleep, play and watch TV. The cycle goes on and on. Well, there were tones of biscuits and bottles of soft drinks. Okay, CNY what, enjoy! LOL.
Went visiting yesterday. (Mother's side)
More biscuits. =)
Had dinner at father's god sister's house.
Malay style. Satay, curry, and stuff.

Okay, that's all for my little summary.
Have fun you guys~


Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is coming soon!
Happy Chinese New Year to all!

happy chinese new year!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

chinese bew year Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Chinese New Year ;-) Pictures, Images and Photos




Pissed off. :/

I pretty much want to SCREAM right now!
Yes..I do.

but I can't.




All done!

It just went by pretty fast. My number was 20 and there's altogether 8 cars used. They gave us a briefing, telling us what to do, time limit and how do you fail, lol. Yeah, because he kept saying, kalau macam ini, fail larh. Anyway I waited for my turn. A very friendly and full of confidence guy sat next to me. He kept asking people to calm down and offered chewing gum. Alas, it was my turn. I had a second chance at the hill part. Yes, I was too nervous, I admit. Parking was the part I scare most even though I've done it a lot of times. (I always screw up during practice, that's why) But anyway, I finished my parking. Phew~ Next was on the road, that went by even faster. By the way, I made new friends too. >.<
Okay, I passed. I finally finished my driving thingy. One thing accomplished!



All of a sudden, after I received a message from a friend last night, I miss schooling life. I miss waking up at 6 in the morning, getting dressed, walking to school. I don't know but I miss the assembly in the morning. I miss class, the lab, and most of all, I miss my friends. 4S2/5S2 was indeed a great class. Luckily I didn't choose to transfer to be with my other friends because I made new ones. =)
To all my friends out there, I'm thankful to have known you. Even though we hardly talk, or we don't talk anymore, thank you for being in my life, you play a role in shaping who I am today. I won't forget all of you, even if you have forgotten me. People change but I won't forget you.
All the best in whatever you're doing right now.
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