Chinese Horoscope 2010

Okay, I received an email today. Chinese Horoscope 2010.
I've read through quickly, and thought maybe I share what the author predicted for 'Monkeys'. =)
This is what he wrote:

Embrace the year of the Tiger as there will be indications of movement that might refer to moving homes, frequent travels or simply being busy running errands. While you adhere to a tight schedule, there will be a great deal of instability during this year. There will also be many unforeseen circumstances that might strike quickly and suddenly that will also apply to your career, wealth and relationship matters. You might feel that you are being put to a test both physically and emotionally. You will tend to fall ill often and there will be signs of being accident-prone as well. People might let you down or pull the plug on you at the last hour. Thus, you might not want to rely too much on others as though it might sound quite bad, it will not entirely be a very bad year. You will be blessed with a lucky star that will be able to neutralize disastrous situations and help you survive the trials put to you. Your wealth luck will be very good this year. However, the possibility of large and sudden expenses will be equally strong and you will need to exercise caution when utilizing your good wealth to prevent losing it. Hold on tight and get ready for a roller coaster ride.

Not asking you to believe, not forcing you too. Even I believe in these kinds of things 50-50. So, just to share with you guys.

Have a nice day~

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