SPM results. =)

Finally the time had arrived and passed.
Got up at 8am and waited for friends to come before we headed off to school together. To do what?
Collect our SPM result of course!
Anyway, I was extreamly nervous for real. My heart was beating so fast.
But thank goodness, I'm and satisfied with my result.
I noticed that some people who'd achieved better results than me are not satisfied just because they've not got straight A+. But to me, I've done my best and I'm moving on!
Next stop, STPM.
I'll be even more prepared for the battle!!!

Sleep tight tonight people~


  1. u noe how to check whether we can go form 6 onot? i asked sum1, she told me that must checked through internet. if u check, give me that website. thanks.

  2. Chin: I find out how d then i'll let you know. but i thought is through school wan. they'll put up the list ma...nt meh...sigh~
    taufiq: thanks! congratulations to you too!