I'm short. I know.

Days, months and years flew by. Just in a blink of eye, its 2010. I never thought I would finish secondary school this fast. I never thought my friends will all be heading their own way this soon. But no matter what, those are the past. I would be 18 in a few months time. At this age, decision making is crucial. Every single decision must be thought carefully, balancing the pros and cons so that there will be no regrets in the future. Help from parents in making decision such as what to do after SPM, what would I study next and so fort had decreased tremendously.
I know you people see me laughing around, cracking jokes, but I've tried being serious and its not working for me. Cause life just seem too dull like that. Call me immature but let me tell you something, my thinkings are totallymature.

yeah,im mature >.> Pictures, Images and Photos

PS: Joke around, I'm fine, but please don't take advantage of me. I'm aware of that.
Good luck tomorrow peeps!

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