Nervous larh....=S

This coming Thursday will be THE day.
The day that will show if everything I've worked for is worth it or I've not done enough.
I might not be the best student, nor could I hardly make it into the top 10 position in class most of the time, I know I've given my best shots in all those papers. Those papers I took VERY seriously like the others.
I started having sleepless nights when I read about the date we can collect our results in school. Well, I don't think I'm the only one feeling nervous though....

But no matter how scare I am about our results being revealed on Thursday, nothing is going to change. We all will still have to move on with that result we obtained. So hope for the best...
We tried our best. =)

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  1. ya, nothing wil change, the results wont become better or worst. so, like i said, "nervous for what?" XD