Bye Thailand!

Hey people, I'm back!
Back from where?
Back from Hatyai, Thailand.
Went with mum, grandma, family members of aunt's and uncle's friends. Left Malaysia around 9 or 10pm, I don't remember. On the 25th of Feb, that's a Thursday.
Went by a 28 sitter bus. Reached immigration at 5 in the morning, passed at 6am. Journey continued, with a local tour guide. He speaks so many languages! Mainly he used mandarin. By the time we reached Hatyai, it was already 9am if I'm not mistaken. Had breakfast and started visiting places, or should I say, start spending money!
The food there was good, love the tomyam. Anyway, stayed for 2 nights there and left on a Sunday morning, after breakfast at the hotel lobby. It wasn't long till we passed immigration and customs. On the way back, dropped by Sungai Petani for lunch and Ipoh for a little shopping. Reached home about 7pm.
It was a great trip.

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