All done!

It just went by pretty fast. My number was 20 and there's altogether 8 cars used. They gave us a briefing, telling us what to do, time limit and how do you fail, lol. Yeah, because he kept saying, kalau macam ini, fail larh. Anyway I waited for my turn. A very friendly and full of confidence guy sat next to me. He kept asking people to calm down and offered chewing gum. Alas, it was my turn. I had a second chance at the hill part. Yes, I was too nervous, I admit. Parking was the part I scare most even though I've done it a lot of times. (I always screw up during practice, that's why) But anyway, I finished my parking. Phew~ Next was on the road, that went by even faster. By the way, I made new friends too. >.<
Okay, I passed. I finally finished my driving thingy. One thing accomplished!