My aunt took us out for a movie today. We watched Inception. Its a very nice movie and I recommend you guys to see it. Great story line, might be a little confusing or total lost for some who could not get a quick grasp of what's going on but for the first time, a movie that actually made me constantly wanting to know what will go on every single second. However, it left me hanging at the end. I hope his totem stop spinning and it wasn't a dream anymore. That would be the perfect ending. =P
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Anyway going out for another movie with my friends tomorrow morning. Don't know if there's ticket for Street Dance. People say its nice (well they do for all movies don't they). When I say Inception is nice, I really mean nice. Cause I don't simply just watch any movies and some movies are just a waste of money. I wouldn't even spend RM8 on pirated DVD for movies I feel not worth watching. Cause its also another waste of time.
I did wasted RM11 on Marmaduke. That is a pure waste of everything. But had no choice. My friends bought the ticket and I just tag along since I said 'anything' when they asked what movie I want to watch. Just great.
Alright, enough with movies. There's so many activities in school that need money. Now I feel a little hard to open my mouth for money from my dad every morning. Guess its time to dig my piggy bank? NO! Well, I don't have a choice do I. Sigh~

Aight, no homework left. I have the weekend for revision! Finally~ But since I'm going out tomorrow. Sigh~ again.
XD don't know what I'm ranting 'bout. Don't make sense. I'm just really worn out now.
Good night!

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