Friday is here again! yahoo~ On Monday, I crave for Friday. But when Friday finally arrives, I feel that time is passing too fast. Just a little too fast. It felt like yesterday when I returned to school for Form 6. But looks like, it's July already. Almost settled down. Change of environment (as in labs and classroom). New teachers. (salute! school and tuition). New friends. (Crazy bunch).
Form 6: Not as bad as people describe. Especially those who did not went through it themselves. I received encouragement from my seniors, friends who had went through STPM. Thanks~ I enter form 6, willingly. My own choice. :)
An increase in homework load. Math and Biology. Almost everyday got homework. Regret accumulating Math exercises. Warned. Yet....:( Laziness. Haha. Anyway, promised myself to complete all homework and study ahead. (Quite pressured by those in my class who're extremely hardworking)
Give me tips to study Chemistry. Have a good teacher. Yet my memory. Weak. Heard there's a lot to memorize in Organic Chemistry.
Guess where I get my motivation from? My tuition teacher. Glad I attend his tuition. Love Maths more.
Hopefully I'll have the same feeling for 1 and a half year.
Lets work together! Have fun. Study hard. Achieve our dreams.

Oh~ What have I written?

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