Confidence is gained when knowing people around you actually believe in you.

Putting the trust and believing that I could do what I doubt I could, really gave me the confidence.
When people around you, let it be your team mates, family or friends, is standing right beside you, backing you up whenever things goes wrong. You feel better, you would give your all and thrive for the best.

I'm thankful I met you guys. You have no idea how much I love trainings. That's the only time my mind is empty, literally empty. No kidding.

But that would only last for 2 hours the most. And poof I'm back in reality. Homework to rush. Studies to catch up.

We'll strive tomorrow!
Its going to be my first time. But I promise you, I'll give my all.

Small show, you'll have to buy me lunch if we win. Remember that. =)

Have you heard of this country song by Joe Nichols?

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