The atmosphere had changed. Greatly. Gravely. Its no longer the same. The moment she pulled out the chair, sat down, looked around. Trying to look for those familiar faces. Those that would usually be sitting at this same table. Nope. Not one. Never thought it would matter that much.

Felt cold. Shivering cold. Looking at those remaining faces. Some have their black and blank faces on. Some with smiles but dissatisfaction. Who knows? Who knows what one is thinking inside? Hiding with that smile on his or her faces. Everything is so easily covered with that artificial smile.

Worst still. Fresh looks. It's like she'd been picked up and thrown to somewhere in Mars, no worst still, somewhere further than that. Some place she don't even know who's who and for once, she felt lost. "This is just insanity, why does it matter to me?" she sometimes wondered. Yet, she don't get the answer. It just does.

Tell me how would you feel, if you're still sitting down at that table, with the whole majority new. Would you miss those laughters? I guess I will. It felt so chilly at that table. Everyone looked so serious. So serious with their work. Trying their very best to prove their worth.

Someone please bring back those times. She can't do it like this. Not like this. Not with people she don't trust. Honestly, people whom she really trusted, are limited. Like the fingers on my hands. And someone just took those she started trusting away. Those she started getting along with.

You might not feel the same as she do. But you, me, her are all different individuals. Different in many ways.

Guess its best for all. Benefits might be gained by many parties, minority at the losing end. But look at the bright side, this might work out some day. "When would that day arrive?" she started asking herself.

"I'll do my best, with my open mind," she says in her heart.

Is she going to tell anyone what is truly going on inside?

I don't know. You and I will never know till one day she learns how to express herself.

One day.

She's telling you to, "Wait for it,"

She smiles.

Was it fake?

"I don't know," she replied.

Ain't it obvious?



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