Form 6 - Second Day

Finally, no more thinking. Form 6, I've entered.

Just second day and all the teachers have to say is, 'This is going to be hard. So work real hard,'

Well. Thanks for that advice but do you have something different?

You've did a good job scaring me so far.

I know its the truth but still, the fear is there.

World second hardest exam. STPM.

But people say once you get through it, it would be easier in university. Hopefully.

Well, I'm going to do my best. That's all I know.


We have classes now. I'm in Pra UB 2. Taking Biology, Chemistry, Math T and PA.

Four subjects, enough to 'eat' you.

Orientation starts tomorrow and continue till Friday for the whole day.

Seniors said it'll be fun. Well, maybe more fun for them. LOL

Anyway, we'll see.


Tuition homework to be done. The cycle is going on again.

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